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how did the bacon fest get st t started? >> it all happened by complete accident, like anything wonderful, electricity, penicillin. >> you never saw alexander fleming standing in front of a dress made of penicillin. this was designed by a dress maker in des moines, and the cbo of bacon fest, that would be the chief bacon officer, he's broen away by his majesty. >> it widely surpassed anything i thought was achievable. i mean, look at it. it sparkles. >> sparkles? come on, bacon guy. it's a dress made of bacon. it doesn't sparkle. it sizzles. there's one other element of bacon fest we simply have to talk about courtesy of our affiliate kcci. >> there was the annual coraination of this year's bacon queen. after q & a and an intense
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talent competition. the winner was announced. >> the bacon queen, after coronation, she donned the bacon dress. and do not let that clip of the talent competition fool you. this year's bacon queen totally brought it home. >> i want the title. i think it's very vital. and bacon is the title. bacon is so fine, is so fine to eat some swine. it's bacon bacon bacon. bacon is so fine, is so fine to eat some swine. it's bacon bacon bacon. >> uh, bacon wrap. that is what i call bringing home the bacon on the ridiculist. that does it for us. we'll see you one hour from now. thank you for watching. "piers morgan tonight" starts right now. i'm donny deutsch filling in
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for piers morgan. tonight, nine at 9:00. the things people are talking about right now and the questions we are asking. >> the pope resigns. >> i'm not kidding. i was very startled. >> how old is too old for a pope, a ceo, or a politician? >> size matters. america is overweight and it's costing us billions. are we too politically correct? >> the man who says he killed bin laden. now he's spilling the gory details. is something really secret anymore? >> guns in america. are we even asking the right questions? does the problem start with child's play? >> plus, do the grammys glorify bad romance? is there a double standard to who comes as taylor swift's date. >> and on the high seas, why would anyone go on a cruise? this is "piers morgan tonight." good evening. i'm donny deutsch, in for piers.
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we're going to do something different we're calling nine at 9:00. nine big questions asked and answered with my all-star panel, stan van gundy, faith, contributor for cbs, gary vee, best selling author, and abbey huntsman, welcome, everybody. let's get right to it. going to have some fun tonight. we know about the pope resigning. 85 years old. i would like to kind of turn the issue to how old is too old. franklautenberg, 89, going to run for office. a lot of people thought joe paterno, too hold to be a coach. we know what happened under his watch. some people say, he's old. he didn't understand the world we livan. abbey, you're the youngest person here. should we elect a politician who is 89? >> i think we need to recognize
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we're living longer as people in the world. we should comed the pope for recognizing i'm too fragile in a state to do the job i need to do. lautenberg, it's fair came to criticize him on his age. he's reaching 90 years old. you get to the point where you can't do the job. you can get from point a to point b, but are you delivering for the people? you become more fragile the older you get. >> stan, cory booker, running against frank lautenberg. is it fair game to say i don't think an 89-year-old can do the job? i hope i'm not insulting anybody, but i couldn't do this job at 89. do we have to be less pl politically correct. >> there are some people who may be too young to do a job. >> is there any 89-year-old who is be a u.s. senator? >> think so. maybe not 20, 30 years go, but now i think they can. and i think there's some people who at 60 may be too old. i think it's all performance based and it's all different for
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everybody. >> donny, i'm going to dominate at 89. i'm making that statement right now. >> that's when you're going to peak. >> don't be scared. i'm going to dominate at 89. i have been talking to a lot of people in business, and i look at them. i look at them with ambition. i'm like, he's 87. he's killing it. >> that's the mindset, you think you can. what if you're 89 and you're not delivering but you have this ego and you think you can. >> if you think you are ropest best, if you want to stay strong. i'm 41, i just had a baby. when i'm 85, my kids will be my age. i want to be robust. i want to be nimble. >> we all want to be that. i have a problem with the president of the country being 82 years old. i know ronald reagan was 77 at the end. there was a lot of talk about how much he was actually doing in aufoffice. is there anything wrong with saying people, there are certain
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jobs they can't do? do you think a president -- >> look at betty white. i would vote for her for pope. >> but betty white is not president of the united states. it takes a lot of energy. you're traveling around the world. you know, being betty white is a very different job. >> i think we also get to select. >> i'm with you. >> the people out there, i don't care what you're doing. good you're running for political office, the voters get to pick. they get to judge your vietality and whether or not you're qualified. you have to be able to do the job. >> my friend said recently that, you know, look at the forefathers, they did all the magic at 30 and 40. our politicians are too old now. there were meanty of people who didn't think you could be doing what you're doing now. >> i'm a firm believer, i have little kids. i started a new career, as selfishly we all want to stay young. we have these little blue hepil, i hear. i don't know what they do, but they help people stay young. >> i guess we're going to get to
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some weight issues later in the segment. we are just a little politically correct. i thought it was great that the pope did that, where i think a lot of coaches, a lot of the storied coaches out there who are want really coaching but we can't really ask them to step down because they're too old. >> we don't ask them to step down because they're selling tickets or making money. >> or not getting the jub done, not performing the job well enough. i think it works at the other end of the spectrum, too. people would say there are certain people who are too young to do a job, don't have enough experience. >> when do we take somebody's driver's license away? >> when they can't drive. >> granted there are a bunch of people who can't see over the steering wheel. >> they say, i don't want my driver's license taken away. >> if you're 147, go crush it, fine. >> i'm the only one here not from new york. i was in new york city today, and there's a lot of people in
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their 30s and 40s who can't drive. >> number one movie, melissa mccarthy, fantastic, brilliant comedian. love her. rex reed got into trouble because he called her a hippo. >> tractor sized. >> tractor sized. it brings up another interesting conversation about political correctness, and going back to christie when the former white house physician said he might not be healthy enough to be in office. he could die in office. >> to which he said shut up in his eloquent way. >> yes, he did. >> that's a whole other conversation. >> yes, but obesity, if you solve that, you solve the entire health care problem. you basically solve the economy. do we not start? is it okay to call people out for being overweight? >> yes. >> yes. >> finally. >> i don't agree. >> what do you mean, you don't agree? president obama was criticized for being a smoker. if you're fat, it's the number one preventable cause of death in the united states. if you're an elected official like chris crhristie, it's
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irresponsible, and he called the doctor who was concerned about his health irresponsible because it caused fear in his son. he has a 12-year-old son, he's irresponsible for being that role model. >> to judge this movie based on her weight alone, that's not right. >> it's not judging the movie. >> but that's what the critic did. she was basing the movie on that. >> i'm shifting off and saying whether it's in the case of ris christie, when somebody is overweight, obviously, they're hurting themselves. it's a problem that is hurting our nation. >> i think they recognize that. i don't think it's our place. i think melissa mccarthy would be the first to tell you i'm overrathe. chris christie has said i'm overweight. >> let me go in a different direction, saying it's hurting our country, to which i would say there are a lot of things hurting our country. h eating more big macks isn't necessarily driving -- >> it's also addressing the issue of obesity and going at somebody personally for their
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weight. now i know that's why i'm here today, to discuss this issue. the rest of you all look good. i can talk about this more directly. i know that's why i'm here. but we can talk about the issue of obesity, and i would totally agree. people who are overweights, look, it's not like i don't have mirrors in my house. i know the way i look. i know what i'm supposed to do. i just don't do it. >> why? why don't you do it? >> the thing is, we don't do a ton of things. there are a ton of things you don't do. >> i do things to keep my healthful and healthy. >> we all have strengths and weaknesses based on our dna, and we're picking on certain things -- >> snow, no, some people aren't fat just because of their dna. >> you know you have to lose weight, so the question of why don't you do? >> it's not just easy as choice. there's a book out there "fat chance." i wish i could rerth the author,
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but a lot of this is genetic. i'm not saying mine is. but for a lot of people it's genetic. they can get down to as far as 500 calories a day and still be putting on weight. >> let's talk about that, stan. let's talk about the people who do 500 calories. some people are born lucky. >> i'm not born lucky. i work my ass off every day. >> i don't do crap and i look phenomenal. >> yes, you do. >> it's a question of accountable. it's easy to say it's not some people's fault. a lot of people just say, i don't care. i'm going to eat the big mac. >> it's no different than second hand smoke in a strange way, that they are actually hurting the rest of us because, look, i would rather eat, also, and i choose not to eat for a lot of reasons, but if everybody said, screw it, i don't care. we're out of business as a country. >> the guys and girls down the street have carried interest. that's hurting us. >> but we can't then target
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anything. then your argument would be -- >> i think we should have this conversation, whether it's with chris christie or melissa mccarthy, but judging their performance as a governor, as an actor, is different. but addressing the weight issue is definitely on thabl. >> the reality is that is an office that takes tremendous, tremendous physical toll, and i want to know myprise is going to be the for eight years. >> he's governor now. >> mccain was too old. obama would be such -- there are people who told me obama is such an assassination target, that's a bad reason to vote. >> you can't generalize. i think we should be open to be able to bring up real issues that are issues. >> it is a massive epidemic. if we're not able to talk about it as americans -- >> we can talk about it. >> we're going to take a break
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here. guys, break time. still ahead, lord of the flies meets a carnival cruise. why do people go on cruises anymore? >> when we come back, the man who says he killed bin laden tells all. why can't anybody keep a secret anymore about anything. and do our heroes deserve more, when we get back?
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we're going to wake the world up. and watch, with eyes wide, as it gets to work. cisco. tomorrow starts here. we're spending billions of dollars. we're still no closer to defe defeating our enemies. >> 20 detainees recognize that photo. >> no birth certificate, no sell phone. >> hand out of your pocket. do it! >> that was from the oscar nominated "zero dark thirty." the film is fictionized, but now the navy s.e.a.l. who says he shot bin laden is telling his
6:17 pm
secrets. stan, let me start with you. first of all, do you have any promise whatsoever that this s.e.a.l. came out and told this story? >> well, we're getting into dangerous stuff when we start giving away secrets and things like that, but i think what it goes to is these guys aren't treated well when they come home. so they're trying to find a way to make a name for themselves and figure out a way to make their way in the world when they're back. we're not doing a whole lot to help them. >> there are two different issues we're talking about. obviously, we need to do everything we can for our brave men and women. >> let's stay on as far as this is a navvy s.e.a.l., and none of these guys are talking. this guy to me is a hero with a capital "h." we don't have to say more than that. >> with the last generation, there wasn't tweeting, wasn't social media. >> doesn't he have a right to
6:18 pm
name a name. he told a story. >> when you sign up to serve your country, there are things you sign up for. one of those is doing missions that are classified, for the safety of future missions, for the safety of americans, for the safety of our allies abroad who work with us and know things will be kept classified. i think in this situation he's wrong to speak out about it. he's profiting off -- the taxpayers are paying for this at the end of the day. >> i want to go to gary, our social media guy. you have kids brought up today where everything is documented. no secrets anymore. can we blame someone who is brought up in this generation, can we expect anybody in any capacity to keep anything private anymore? >> stan nailed this one. the competition in the back end forced this guy into a different outfit, we need to take care of this group. we harold them at the highest level. i talk about in business navy s.e.a.l.s because they're a few
6:19 pm
individuals who can move the needle. the internet and social media is new. he's a little older. he didn't grow up in high school with snap chat and pinterest. this is not a product of this new generation, so i think further down the line, yes, i think privacy is more dead than people think. >> any information that came out from the president, from "zero dark thirty." >> we're not talking about the guy who wrote the book. >> but he's watching them make money and profits from this. he's going to get nothing from it? >> this man doesn't get a pension. he's the one who has bullets in his head and doesn't get health inshrn. >> let's go back to the secrecy thing. the mission was secret when it was supposed to be secret. that guy was killed. this guy shot him with three bullets in the head. the interview this man has given to "esquire" reveals details that are already in a film and in somebody else's book, and herevealed what he revealed in
6:20 pm
order to bridge this very, very sad military civilian gap where only 1% of us -- >> by the way, this guy put a bullet in osama bin laden's head. he can do whatever the hell he wants, as far as i'm concerned. >> he described in detail, when he talked about the dogs they used. these are classified details. >> i would agree on that with abbey. you're talking about the way we go about our business in the military. >> still, listen, the bad guys knew what dogs we used. once it happens and it's executed, it's out there. we're on to the new dogs, on dogs 2.0. >> i don't agree with that. i don't. i think there are certain things that are classified for a reason. >> i have a feeling there's a lot of stuff going on with our government right now that we don't know about, if that makes you feel a lot better. >> that's for a reason. >> and talking about it afterwards -- >> you could give this information ten years from now, 20 years from now.
6:21 pm
>> let's go to a bigger issue as far as, this hero, he comes back, getting $2,000 a month in pension. >> not anymore. >> excuse me. lost his health care. what do we do? what do we do with these guys? what do we do? >> this is great time to bring up sequestration. this was with the default plan, it's going to give across the board cuts, it's going to hit these guys even more. >> by the way, without that, it's not getting the job done. >> that's where our country is today. >> you know the answer. >> it's very simple, private enterprise. people don't like to talk about it, but there are quotas for women, for minorities, for disabled. why shouldn't there be quotas in the military? i would sign up tomorrow to hire x-percent of people, veterans. two reasons. number one, it's the recognize thing do do, and number two,
6:22 pm
tham they'll make fantastic employees. warrant buffet, jamie diamond, why don't they raise their hands? >> really is annoying is the hypocrisy of our politicians that stand up and praise these guys to no end. they're the best of the best in our generation, but then they do nothing policy wise to help these people. how can i guy who is navy s.e.a.l. for 16 years have no pension? the health care for our veterans is terrible. our v.a. hospitals are in disrepair. it's embarrassing. >> he's worth more to his family dead than alive. >> we have to take a break. still ahead, are we kidding ourselves on gun control. does the problem go back to child's play? >> a and when we come back, bad romance, are rihanna and taylor swift getting a bad rap for their date choices? lobster and lobster tacos. the bar harbor bake is really worth trying.
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>> he's like i still love you and i'm like, i'm sorry i'm busy
6:27 pm
opening up the grammys and we're never getting back together, like ever. >> taylor swift at last night' grammys taking a dig at one of her exes, harry styles. now with me now, questions of the day and answered by our social media gurus, gary, faith, stan, and abbey. grammys last night. before i get to taylor swift, chris and rihanna were all snuggling, i was all fuzzy. >> she might have been wearing an engagement ring. >> before we get to that, i want to go back to three years ago. horrible story we know what happened with chris and rihanna and the physical abuse. i want to start with the women, over here, does she have -- does she have -- i'm sorry, this is from three years ago, obviously not current. very, very horrible story from
6:28 pm
tmz. does a woman in the public eye have an obligation to make a statement to her fans, to young women who follower, say this is not okay? >> yes. >> okay. >> yes, rihanna, if she doesn't want to be a road mle model, sh shouldn't have her own clothing line, which she does. she shouldn't have a perfume, which she does. she shouldn't be tweeting pictures of herself in chris brown's bed to her fans. yes, she does. she's a horrible role model, and whether she wants to be or not, she is. and she's -- >> how about that? she says, look, i'm 24. i made a mistake. this is my love life. i'm a human being, a young kid. >> i agree with what you're saying. she sends out instagram photo s of herself, pretty much naked with chris brown, and she has young girls who live her her. at the same time, we have to recognize they're human as well. the reminds me of the whitney houston and bobby brown situation where everyone from
6:29 pm
the outside could see the writing on the wall. she clearly doesn't recognize herself, love can do crazy things. on one side, i say she's a role model, on the other side, love is crazy. >> charles barkley addressed this a long time ago. and he drilled it. the bottom line is, there's part of this equation that we have to look at parents. you know, she's a human being. and this is a tough situation. there's a couple things going on. can somebody make a mistake and reform from it? chris brown is like the number one evil human being in the world. he was the only one not standing for ocean when he got his award. >> when a man beats you, you don't go back to him. >> still, what's going on goes to part of the problem, is the way we view men and women. so we're sitting here talking about what rihanna has done wrong. we haven't even talked about what bobby brown did wrong. we have a problem with rihanna, what she's doing, and not with
6:30 pm
what bobby brown did? >> chris brown. >> chris brown. wrong brown. wrong brown. i'm not a great culture guy. >> i guess a lot of times women who are victims of domestic violence, sometimes their response is, well, i have nowhere to go. i can't afford it. this is a woman who clearly has people around her, clearly has resour resources. and i do think she has an obligation. i think you are taking money from the public. you are, as you said, exploiting the public on your behalf. and shame on you if because, once again, thooe years ago, she came out and said if i can keep one girl from getting killed, i can do that. >> it's not like your dating options are limited. she's stunning. >> if i was that kid's father. >> it's not just that she said it's my mistake, i get to own it. it's not just that she and chris brown are self-snuggling. she's putting it out there, almost flaunting it. >> it reminds me of a 12-year-old girl where the
6:31 pm
parents tell them, you can't date the guy, but just to spite them, they keep dating the guy. the media keep s talking ebt them, and part of her is like i want to keep dating him to get the attention. >> they brock up, how much have you heard about demi moore lately? >> they know that. that's why they sent out the instagrams. >> as a dad who has young ger , girls, it makes my stomach turn. taylor swift, when a young guy in hollywood has a lot of conkwes, john mayer was with many women, the media celebrates him. >> no, they don't. he gets crucified for it. >> when i say the media celebrates it, people at home go, oh, yawn mayor. >> i don't. not me. men do, yes. >> let me finish. now with her, she's taken a lot of heat, but my attitude is she's a young girl. she's having a great time. >> i don't think she's have aggreat time. have you heard her songs?
6:32 pm
>> who says she's sleeping around, anyway? >> all of her lyrics come from her boyfriends that last about a week. i mean, of course, i think she wants to keep breaking up with these guys so she has stuff to write about. if she didn't have that, the only thing she would have to write about is her cat. this is part of her career. >> did you say her cat named meredith? it's too hard to find something to rhyme with meredith. >> lindsay lohan, would we be talking about her if not for her hijinx. >> when i was watching the grammys, i was looking around saying who is her next target, because that's who you view her. it's from one to the next. am i wrong? >> it makes her sound like a man eater, yet she seems far more innocent than that. she keeps getting hurt. >> she has game. let's respect her game. she's dominating out tlrb where i give her mad props.
6:33 pm
>> is there a difference between a man and woman dating? i don't want my daughters, even at that age, necessarily, getting into a serious relationship. i have to be with one man the rest of my life at that time. i would like them to date a lot of people. >> didn't say that. you don't know that she's doing that. >> my question is why is nothing sticking? what is hidden beneath it all. >> how old is she? >> i think one day all of these guys are going to write a tell-all book and she's not going to know what to do with herself. >> she needs time alone. >> a double standard, which is why i made the statement i made. she's killing it. love her. good for her. >> still ahead, cruise to nowhere. 1,000 people strarnded at sea. sound like fun to you? >> and coming up, playing with fire. we'll put toy guns in the spotlight.
6:34 pm
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there's been a lot of talk about guns here and of course
6:38 pm
america, but are we missing the point? does america's obsession go back to child play? joining me now, stan having, face, chuck, and abbey. okay, it's toy time. i just want to hold up, this is from nert, and i know your company does some work for nerf. in the case of this, this is actually an ammo vest with magazine clips. the very thing that we are obviously as a nation so heatedly discussing. i want to ask around the table, you have an 8-month-old boy, are you going to let them play with guns? are we missing it, not nipping it in the bud? >> when he's potty trained, i won't even let him hold his panis in an aggressive way, donny. >> does this say what age this is for? i'm really cure wrs. >> we can't have it both ways.
6:39 pm
we talk about the greatest generation. their biggest hero was john w way wayne, and he was shooting everybody in the face. the bottom line is we're getting hypersensitive to everything. your parents not having water guns, i threw up in my mouth a little built. i'm stunned. >> it's a gun. there are better ways to play. >> stan, help me. you got my back. >> i just don't think this is the issue. i think we've got real issues with gun control. we have real issues with mental health. i think this is a distraction. >> i think there's a happy medium between a water gun and the videos we're seeing people play together. no one is really talk about, do you remember jim brady who got shot in the head. he was partially paralyzed and we saw the ads that just came out with gabby giffords, and it reminds me a lot of the brady law that got done, but still we're here today. it reminds me, like how much can we get done on capitol hill? i feel like we're probably, if i have teesz grk not going to end up getting background checks
6:40 pm
done. >> i don't even know about that. >> it's not even a complete conversation won't mental health. we have to think more broadly. >> i want to start here and throw one theory that's interesting, the tobacco industry is barred from running ads, billboards near schools. they had to kill joe camel because he was a koor toon character. >> it's all of the above. >> they have the same issue. >> all of the above. if you would have said to me early on, a water gun. but then when i saw this, that has this multimagazine. >> that's the problem here. >> this is okay and this is fun. >> people cant be our heroes because when we were kids, we grew up with -- that's what military people do, too. >> military people are bad parents because they hold guns? >> we talked about the hero before who killed osama bin laden. he didn't kill him throwing a
6:41 pm
nerf ball at him. >> i have no problem with toy guns, state of the union tomorrow, obama is going to talk a great deal about gun control. gary, i want to throw this to you at the media guy, every day, there's a state of the union. used to be 30, 40, 50 years ago. so are they, basically, gallup shows before and after, there's really never a shift, maybe a three-point shift. do they even matter anymore? >> there will be more people entertained by the tweeting done during the state of the union than the actual state of the union. the world of media has changed. nowhere close. >> i think it is important. what's going to be most important is a, what he focuses on. jobs need to be his priority, but the tone. is he going to be more about compromise? i think that's what i'm personally hoping for. >> he's no longer campaigning. he's the president of the united states for the next four years. >> we're not going to be seeing the "bachelor" or "smash.
6:42 pm
waets at the time. >> it does matter. it's fascinating political theser. when you see which side claps for which thing he says, it seems like we're finally reaching bipartisan agreement on immigration. if both republicans and democrats are clapping about what obama has to say about immigrati immigration, it's interesting. >> a lot of people are saying he's going to grab the mantel and being very aggressive. i think if he's smart and also if marco rubio in his rebuttal is smart, and they both can show we're moving a little bit, the country is ready for that. the country is ready for a little hands across. i hope as an obama guy that he doesn't come out punching aggressi aggressively. that shehe's showing restraint. he is in power and has the mojo. use it. >> as president, you want to leave the country better than you when you left it.
6:43 pm
he's not going to have a legacy if nothing gets passed. >> i want to shift. we have obviously this manhunt, this horrible story of this l.a. cop being hunted down. we have this horrible story last week about the man that put the kid in the bunker. thank god we got that kid out. the sniper who was killed. obviously, crazies everywhere. and obviously, you can't put a net around everything, but what can we do more now, stan, aross the board, early on, to start to protect some of the mental problems in this country, the mental horrible health situation in the country so we don't get to this point? >> well, there's a big stigma on mental health, first of all. you started by calling them crazies. >> by the way, those people were crazy. >> okay, understood, but we don't focus on it as an illness. it's different. like somebody has can cancer, there's no stigma on that. we want to help them. people who have mental health problems, we don't want to help
6:44 pm
them. we look at them as crazy. our health care system, most health plans are inadequate in terms of mental health. we don't spend the money on research on mental hlth. we as a nation aren't serious about mental hlth. >> your kids are tested in school for smallpox, other things. if they had a technology now that early on could test children for various mental disorders, would you say that's invasive or okay to do? >> oh, i'm investing in that company. >> that would be great, and we could spend out if we could spent more money on research in those areas. look, a lot of things, breast cancer, we made tremendous inroudz because we spent the money on it. we're not serious about mental health. >> when it comes to mental health, it's all local. the first thing to go with states' money is mental health. we need to make it more of a priority. >> one last point, we're glorifying the bad.
6:45 pm
look what we're talking about all night. when are we going to start talking about the awesome? >> when we come back, amanda knox gets ready to tell all to diane sawyer. is there anything she can say to change your mind abouttuate h w happened the night her roommate died? you are a business pro. executor of efficiency. you can spot an amateur from a mile away... while going shoeless and metal-free in seconds. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle...and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. now this...will work. [ male announcer ] just like you, business pro. just like you. go national. go like a pro. has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush?
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6:49 pm
>> that came because of what we learned later. in 2001, it isn't a question. if he knew what he knew, if he knew in 2001, what he then learned in 2011, yes, he would do more. anyone would. but we didn't have that benefit because we didn't know anything. do i wish it hadn't absolutely. i'm horrified. >> that's sue paterno talking to katie couric. back with me now, my all-star panel. gary, faith, stan, and abbey. okay. in addition to that, recently, we have amanda knox who wrote a book to captless on her story calling "waiting to be heard."
6:50 pm
casey anthony is said to be writing her biography. i guess -- i want to start with you gary, can people who are lost in the court of public opinion, can they ever get it back? are they just wasting their time? >> of course, they can get it back. we have seen that over and over and over again. people have lost in public arenas and come back. that's what we love. >> even in a case -- i want to talk about o.j., lance armstrong. i think in the case of the people that i mentioned, once -- >> done. >> yeah, once people make their decision, if anything, abbey, doesn't it backfire on them because you say, they're just cashing in? >> paterno is different than like a casey anthony because joe paterno has so much good will to stand on. he was beloved by so many before this, where you look at casey anthony, there's really no love there. >> you have to put this in context. there's murder. there's cheating, there's a lot of other things. if we don't put this into
6:51 pm
context, we can't -- >> by the way, there are pretty serious things when you talk about in the case of murder, and then of course, joe paterno under his watch, this horrible abuse against children. >> but there's still a difference in severity. i mean, i abhor the fact that joe paterno didn't do more, turning someone in, but he didn't scomit the acts himself. and like abbey said, he has a lot of other good things that he's done. all we know of amanda knox, she may have done a lot of great things, all we know of her is she may have killed her roommate. all we know about casey anthony is her baby is dead. >> we followed this so closely. where amanda knox, it was done in italy, there were things we didn't follow so closely. with casey anthony, we followed it every step of the way. we made our decision before the court made their decision. >> let's take casey anthony, is
6:52 pm
there any chance that we can self-correct as a society and people just say -- i have no interest in watching her any more. is there a time and place where we all go -- enough? >> that's what gary was talking about. number one, we're drawn do the negative, and we seem to be drawn to the absolute lowest common denominator in society. those are the stories. we get really interested in. >> the media has sold the negative. and as we know, there's a place to consume. we're going to see a tide change, we've only had a certain amount of gatekeepers that can pound the airwaves like we are right now. we decide the subject matters. there's a ton of conversation going on at the time. other cases -- as we disburse and don't drive the story the media wants to. >> as people are growing up,
6:53 pm
they are growing up and seem to be more salacious. on the flip side, you're saying they have access to all these wonderful feelings. >> tons. it's not playing back in the media. >> correct. >> you know what we want? we want transparency in everything. in these cases like a casey anthony, we want to read, we want to hear about the unknown. we started this conversation tonight about the navy seals, we want to hear about things we don't already know. >> i want to hear about the navy s.e.a.l., i don't want to hear about casey anthony. survival of the fittest in the high seas. and has apple jumped the shark and lost its cool. axiron, the only underarm treatment for low t, can restore testosterone levels back to normal in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18. axiron can transfer to others through direct contact. women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant, and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied
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before we go, i want to get to a couple more things like, the lord of the flies cruise, which we are learning tonight will be docking somewhere soon in mobile, alabama. let me get everybody up to speed on this, this is another cruise ship gone bad. 4,000 people on this. it's stuck at sea, the toilets are backed up, no running water,
6:58 pm
spoiled food. stan. why would anybody go on a cruise today? >> doesn't he look like a cruise guy? >> i just went on one. >> i get seasick, and i don't want to be crammed in that small a place with that many people to begin with. >> i just went on a cruise. you have the right idea. midnight chocolate buffet -- >> it's an odd thing to do, why would you go on a cruise. >> i was a little embarrassed about it. usually i go to montupechu. but i have a baby. there's purell everywhere. >> i love the idea. it's funny, it's a good story. >> we still have the air -- >> we're going to get a free cruise out of it. >> if you want to -- >> there's been a lot of terrible stories about cruises. >> whether it's -- people
6:59 pm
gearing, whether it's the media, people disappearing. i guess to your point with your dad, it's hard to get around, i would find it hard pressed to say i'm going to go to a place where i can't get out. >> there's nothing worse for me to be stuck on a cruise ship without air, running water. i would feel like you can't breathe. >> have you ever been on a cruise? >> three times and i love it. love it. all in. >> there's stories like this all the time, where diseases break out, people are dying. i understand where you're coming from, you have a baby. >> for the most part, why would anyone go on a cruise. >> gary's getting more popular. apple is waning, the stock is dropping. has apple jumped the shock a little bit. in the sense as a marketer, at some point can you not be cool any more?

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